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"law of international & domestic APP. of Telephonic Surveillance--NOUS-NOMOS-IUS Y Legis---" Richard S.Y. Kim, Mentor & Supervisor-F. Warren Ned Benton, PhD, Chair, DIrector-Public Management Dept. John Jay College of Criminal Justice/ CUNY GUC, MPA-I-G Program-CF-FBI Law Bulletin-Supra Op. Cit. ?????2000-2009

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE 2.2.1. International v. Domestic Application Telephonic Surveillance Law As stated in the previous section the statutory Limitations, rules and law of Title III, and ECPCA poses restrictions on how telephonic wiretapping is conducted. Such regulatory laws are limited to U.S. and Federal and State jurisdiction. The only exception is FISA rules of wiretaps. It must first observed that (Rasch, 2006) that FISA wiretaps were intended to be applied to foreign political subversives, namely terrorist, and U.S. citizens committing treason. Wiretaps must be conducted under classified intelligence, investigation reports under a warrant with a Secret Foreign Intelligence Court. It is all secret, and classified information. But according to Rasch, FISA wiretap must immunize innocent U.S. citizen from wiretaps. But that has not been the case in Hepting v. U.S.(2007). Other that that, all facts and intelligence gathering to prosecute terrorists, the treasonous, and foreign political subversives in terms of how the wiretaps are conducted are not known and accessible to public scrutingy.

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