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“The Mysterious Death of Roy’s Assassin”

By Richard S.Y.C.A. Kim

“You will not understand but I must leave. We must go on our ways. We have no choice. You studied philosophy at NYU, and always talked about freedom and necessity. I have no freedom, and we never did, John. Take good care, you’ll manage. I’m too much of a burden to you. I’ll survive by any means. I love you.”

Three years later.

NYPD Lieutenant Detective Peter Stevens—Found this note with a 45 automatic in John’s drawer, and a nickel bag of herb in John’s desk drawer, with old Metallica and Slayer CD’s.” Now John was found dead with gunshot wound to his head. He was a working as a research assistant to one of his Logic Professors.

Now, they were both dead. It was Mr. Roy Jasonberg who reported the disappearance of his girl friend, who twenty year his junior. Roy was an investment banker, who had met Melissa at a night club with other Asian young women. John and Melissa Lee were both murdered.

Roy was divorced, and had no children. His wife won all the assets to palimony. And John was senior partner in a investment Bank, and was very wealthy, ever yet still.

They found John’s body in his flat in Chinatown. John before his death could no longer afford to pay rent, and his sister Melissa contacted John, that Roy would give him a job at Harris and Jacoby as a

a financial analyst in Hong Kong and Korean real estate markets.

Detective Stevens did not know anything of this, as Roy did not disclose this information to the police, because it would make him a suspect to make the murder of John and Melissa, who were brother and sister. Melissa was six years older than John.

There were no clues. Melissa was found dead with her wrist cut off in Dobbs Ferry Ferry, NY, by the Hudson River, though she lived with Roy in a loft in the Upper East Side. John had worked his first day at the job, and was to make 90 gran, as a real estate investment analyst.

The police asked around city and where the bodies were found, and no said they even knew who they were.

The someone called the 57th precinct anonymously that John and Melissa’s parents who were Korean immigrants who owned through three 24 hour gourmet deli’s in Manhattan went bankrupt, and fled their creditors to creditor leaving John and Melissa without any financial means of support to South Korea. The caller suggested that John borrowed money from the Chinese mafia, or joined a Chinese gang to finance his education, and the NYPD was busting the gangs—he became an informant to NYPD/FBI on money laundering, and extortion of Chinese gangsters.

Detective Stevens investigated this, and there was no way to verify this, because the Chinese mafia was so powerful and so secretive and had ties and those who worked for NYPD. Even the FBI could not crack this case of money laundering, extortion, and even human trafficking, if John was involved and recruited by the Chinese Mafia, who, according, to the caller promised to pay university tuition.

All this was speculative. But it led to some traces that both John and Melissa had no legitimate or resources to live or survive the mean streets of NYC. Suicide?

Another man is found dead in front of the door steps of Roy’s apartment armed with a gun. Roy had no choice to call the police. And now he is interrogated and made suspect of the murder of this man, which he denied. The dead man says he is a bartender of a watering hole in Chinatown two blocks from where John’s building where he was found murdered. The dead man’s name is Douglas Yao.

Detective Stevens gets a call from the precinct and questions Roy:

“Did you know this man?”

“No. I have no idea who this man was.”

“Do you know a girl name Melissa and John, who were sister and brother.”

“They’re all dead, and Oriental, and we found have a relation to you.”

“You will have to contact my attorney, I plead silence.”

The Police contacted his Roy’s attorney; and his attorney proved that that there was no substantial evidence that linked Roy to the murder of any of the dead persons.

But Detective Stevens wondered who murdered Douglas Yao, and was Yao going to murder Roy. There was no logic or practical investigative lead for the murder of any of these persons, or a speculative lead by anonymous cal.

Detective Stevens was quite a practical philosophical psychologist, when it came to death of young beautiful women. He asked Roy: “What was the reason for your divorce?”

“Were you having an affair with Melissa. Don’t lie. We can do CSI and DNA tissue samples on any sample of Melissa’s tissue or possession in your home.”

“Roy trembling with fear, said. She was my lover.”

“So what was the cause of your divorce.”

“Infidelity, especially to younger women.”

“But let me ask you, Roy,” said Detective Stevens, “why was Douglas murdered in front

Your loft?”

Yes, the caller’s tip gave way to unraveling the case. The anonymous caller was John’s closest Chinese gangster “dai-lo” (Big Brother ) who fled to his “Hong Kong” Ex Triad Uncle, a Ex Mafia Boss. Roy had compassion on John, and gave him a job, and John did not “rat out” the Chinese Mafia in NYC. When John’s gangster friend find out that Melissa was going to be made into massage parlor prostitute escort, when she said she is getting married to Roy—they framed Melissa by a wealthy John, and he murdered her. And when John found this out said he would be informant to NYPD/FBI on Chinese Organized Crime, and that he would work for Roy, they sent Douglas Yao to kill Roy. John’s “Big Brother” contacting his Hong Kong “Uncle” placed a hit on Douglas Yao. He saved Roy’s life, in which Roy tried to love and support John and Melissa.

Case solved: and dry tears from Detective Steven fell from his heart.


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