Saturday, June 2, 2012

Celadon Tusks in Passing


‘Celadon Tusks in Passing’

by C.S.K. Park

To Dr. TC. Dr. KT,

Hitchcock may have

feared either a raven or crows,

the 19th century tales of

Trapped backdoors,

And false window exits-

For a piece of bread and brie,

Nagarjuna’s & Pseudo-Dionysius’s

footsteps, silent

Fiery prints on the steppes of

Central Asia,

The bones of St. Valentine,

Will testify for and against,


Will crush my frail celadon

Tusks in the crucible of simplicity,

When she comes back with

XXX marks,

The sign of poor

penny’s insomnia.

An eighteenth century governess,

British counter-persona of

Ms. Emily Hale- in our frame

and age, she use little words

and sentiments. This a virtue

of the unspoken word spoken.

To Misread, or not

Read at all: not more or less than other

figures and rules of a private language.

Penal archives of the odds and

ends of miscellany.

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