Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Vanishing Demonological Vajra-Zen Ghost of Richard S.Y. Kim on Google Profile & Google Buzz-Note Book of RSY Kim: Poetry, Philo-Meditation


A strange glitch in Google Chrome Profile and Buzz.

They solicited a Profile: I listed my NYU, English Lit., Classics, Philosophy & Math Affilation PRO CUNY Graduate Center, John Jay College of Criminal specialization in Cybercriminology, Cybersecurity-Legal Philosophy of Criminal Justice Mathematical logical philosophy of science and the behavioral sciences, experimental cognitive psychology for correctional services.

And an Ardsley High School Graduate, Westchester County.

I was rank 5th to Richard E. Kim, one of the most pre-eminent Korean novelist and poltitical thinkers on Korean Post Korean Existensialism, influenced by Albert Camus-a "godson" of Pearl S. Buck, whom my Mother personally met through her Ewha University English Professor who translated Pearl S. Buck's work into Korean.

Richard E. Kim was my Dad's Seoul National University Business Classmate, who turned to novelistic, and journalistic writing studying at Middlebury College, Harvard, and University of Iowa, world renowned MFA Program.

It was the one the most greatest honors to be ranked third to Richard Eun Gook Kim's entry in Wikepedia Encyclopedia. It was on Google Chrome Search Engine last afternoon and evening.

My Google Profile has completely disappeared. I have become a demonological Vahrajana/Zen
 Othodox Tridentine Sino0Latin Rite "Bad" Catholic, of the Dominican Confraternity, and a member of St. Michael Society.

As the saying goes: "Time to be Earnest and Honest."


But please don't call me, "Spooky"-X-FILES, for I am defintiely Not David Duchovny, and don't ever wish to be!

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