Monday, March 28, 2011

On Articles, Media, Journal Reports and National Cybersecurity Leaks in ANY FORM REV. OR GENRE


If it is a Foucauldian Pan-Optic Society, that of political control to defend national security000 MY PhD SUPERVISOR"demotically asked do you think you can afford a several month stay @ Gitmo from reading or inferring too much from your thesis texts and articles," Now in terms of National and Global Cybersecurity Intelligence, everything is sealed to keep spies, and hacktivisists aways.  That's why we may be building more Federal Political Prisons for terrorists, spies and those who commit the act of  treason against the USA.

What are the alternatives, It is SCPC role to spell it out. But along Foucauldian line National Security, Vigilance and Privacy,

But I forgot what classical Roman Philosopher during the Fall of Rome quipped: "Whose Watching the Watchers?

What are the implications to this in re WIKILEAKS???? Can some one without any nonsense or fekkat tell us?  Because we not either certain, or uncertain, nor uncertain, nor certain......


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