Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did Wittgenstein Bridge ancient classical INDIAN classical Logic with Post=Logical Positivism--An A Excerpt from Tract-Treatise by Paulson R. Roberts


In the Greatest Honor and Memory of John Von Neumann, Sidney Morgenbesser, and the Immortal Hilary Putnam, My Three Greatest Heroes and Influences next to Einstein and Max Plank

"Through meta-analytical philosophical inference of intuitive logic of A Posteriori logic, and the simplicity of the logic of  Einstein's theory of relativity: How can we know-what one actually knows first through falsification methods, and Then* to corroborate the evidence and physical data as an inquiry into radical empirical proof."

P. R. Roberts. "Methods on Meta-analytic philosophical Inference in Logic, Math and Physics, East and West."

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