Saturday, December 25, 2010

Karma Karma Chameleon and LIAR's Poker of Peril and Doom to the UNJUST, CORRUPT AND OPPRESSORS!!


"Wall Stret" the film-"Greed" without consicence! The Accursed House and Network of Fraud and LIARS!

You will be abseolutely destroyed and die in want  of the Paternity of God, the Father in his Patriarch for the defenseless and weak in his Wrath. Christ to set the world aflame with his sword of his mouth, which is True and Faiithful, and is one with the Holy Spirity.   This is how I interpret the common practical, pragmatic Beloved Cardinal DULLESIAN warrant for Neo-Classical Pragmatism that is accord with THREE PILLARS of Universial Solidary and Subsidarity First Principles of Catholic Social Teaching of the Church, and the teaching of the Yogin Vivekananda.

You will perish by Fire of Christ, who set who said he came to start a fire to the earth to the UNJUST, CORRUPT, and Workers of Accuser and Accursed One.

There are by many more  100 millian Christians in Latin America, Afica and Asia now than in the Radical Secular West. Name your price, for Ministering Angel who are CONSUMING ANGEL OF FIRE, are on our side, and have been since time immemorial are our side, both Yahwhist and Elohist. This is ANCIENT Jewish and Christian Post-Millenarian Moshiac Propechy that the Unrighteous will Perish.

CREDO, CREDO, BL and Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman's GRAMMAR OF ASSENT!

Book of Ezekiel, the Synoptic Gospel and Revelations.

The Davidic Temple of Israel will be RESTORED, and the New Zion of the Universal Church will awaits the THE Redeemer, Miranatha Cum, on the Feast of the Nativity. and descend to terra nova domus of the Faithful, who were martyred, persecuted for Truth, Mercy and Justice!

We await the Fall of Babylon the Infernal Whore and its servants.

All the Corrupt will Fall iinto the Hand of Corrupters, and their will be a Great War, and St. Michael, Prince of Heavenly Court, and Metatron, Arch Angel Prince of Countence will be His fellow Warriior, and Cast Satan, and his demons into fiery Pit of Hell!

This is Ancient Jewish and Christian Propehcy. I just with a simple spirit of assent BELIEVE THIS!

A Wager of Liar's Poker in which the Bluff will turn into Truth! Your time is Very short in re BOOK of Revelation!

Sancta Rosa, Lumen Coeili!
The Salvo of Dante Alighheri!



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