Wednesday, December 22, 2010

E-Governance and Regulatory Inter-Face Network Global System State of Anarchy


Lessig's CODE and Wu's Magnum Opus Works ARE the Best and Only Thing we have to understanding the STRUCTURE of CYBER-Regulatory Law and Jurisprudence. But they are left with a liminal Anarchy that the Internet is impossible to Regulate in terms of Net Neutrality. We are living in corrupt laize faire internet capitalism. One does does need to be have an Anarchic state of mind. The internet regulatory state has built itself on lawless Anarchy structures that does not exist, on substantive e-business/governance other than Search Engines who have overthrown or dovetail Madison Ave in Advertising Industry. Who needs Cyber Anarchy, when the System is post-hoc-propter hoc Cyber Anarchy in term of internet regulation, cyber-law anarchy without hardly any conditions IN RE NET NEUTRALITY, which akin to Robber Barron Capitalism of the Wild Wild Wild West of a GOLD RUSH!


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