Saturday, December 25, 2010

The final-chronos-kairos Project-E-Governance, Law, Politics/Jurisprudence and Von Neumannian Risk Analysis as Anti-Philosophical Statregy for Global and Personal Security=Through Post-Einsteinian financial mathematical logic and Intelligence with the Seal of Holy and the Dharma-Tao of Vajra Zen


& TO END WMD PROLIFERATION, The Universal Blessings of Prosperity, Faith, Hope, Peace and Love from Above and Global and Personal Security! Family, Love, Solidarity and Subsidarityy for All True Transcendental Religious Tradition. To end the mass oppression of the dispossed, poor, and the working poor, and the unemployed.

This was the IMMORTAL and Divine Teaching of Pope John Paul the Great! Forever RIP
Debt forgiveness to Impoverished nations.

Happy Late Chanakah, Merry Christmas, Kwanza, and Feast of the Epiphany!



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