Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vinayaha Buddhist Code and ITS FIRST PRECEPT and Existential Law of Universal Guilt and Transformation of Suffering into Joy

The First Criminal Law of the historical Buddha in the Vinayahana code was the law against kidnapping and sexual slavery. It is sad that that the primordidal savagery that the historical Sakaymuni Buddha could not prevent, negate and deter the innate savagery of the human condition.

Second, as the Great Vietnamese Zen Mast T. HAHN said in commentary to the HEART SUTRA, we are responsible fot the plight of victimized, oppressed and the marginalized, and the criminal, since we do not have compassion, forgiveness and the heart of understanding to help these people Prior the dependendent rising condition which causes them to FALL into sin, crime and transgression.

To transform this-we must reach out and show awareness in light of our very own personal limitation that we must raise AWARENESS, and do what ever we can to help, even if it is the most little thing, we offer to help these people, and transfrom the sorrow in oursleves into liberating joy. Whether for God, or Buddha!

This is also akin to the teaching of the Sermon of the Mount of Lord Jesus Christ.

I am a Vajrahana/Zen Latin East Asian Rite Catholic under the Aegis of Patron Saint of Korea-St. Andrew Tae Geon Kim and the 103 Martyrs. He was a foremost Confucian Scholar, and was ordained in Shanghai, China. I am resistant to the hierarchichical, and oftt-time repressive structures of Confucianaism, which can be authoritarian, and rather prefer Buddhism and Taoist religious-philosophical tradition.

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