Monday, November 15, 2010

The State of the Art in Criminological Theory-Meta/Analtyic Post-Wittgenstein Philosophy

The question where Wittgensetiein was a linguistic/mathematical philosophor of nominlism and realism cast an impending terrifying shadown, whether applied statis actual represent a "A REFERENCE" theory to criminometrics, predictive and construct validity. Wittgenstein's anti-set philoosphical critique dove-tail Goedel INCOMPLETE THEOREM may thow a monkey wrench to the the statistical mathehmical criminological enterprise. Theoretical Criminology must borrow from the precision and exactitude of mathematical statistics, Advanced Calcuus and Linear Algebra and Physics for the Turn Over to a greater evolution of of  social scientific research for the purpose of affirming good, and just, and merciful criminal justice policy!

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