Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Primordial Transgression of Love of Criminality of the Dharme Eye and the Fall

For My Great Mentors F. Warren Ned Benton, John Ian Kleinig and Adina Schwartz, Aunty C, Mary Gibson

Lord Amida Buddha had mercy on the transgressor of desire, and the criminal, because
there was cure to cessation of craven desire in which unfulifilled needs fell short of being met.
What is the medicine is it is metta sutta of unconditional love of Mercy of the Tatagatha.
As King David said that His Mercy endureth and lasts for eternity, shelah.
What was the post-lapsarian Fall of Adamae et Evae which to eat the forbidden fruit of good and evil, the tree of knowledge.
We chose morality than the worship of God, in which CHRIST forgives the HOLY THIEF, who repented and said he deserved punishment, as a Saint then said he then he stole PARADISE.

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