Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Eternal Memory of Avery Cardinal DULLES and His MOST BELOVED PATER AND HONORED with Presidents Eisehenhower and Truman was a FORTRESS FOR S. KOREA: MY Confession

Lord Avery Cardinal Dullles, I mourn since you have departed from us,  and  I have lapsed as a Western Latin Rite Catholic, since your mournful departure, as you were a close friend of Stephen Cardinal Kim, Senator of the College of Cardinal.
You were my intercessor in true profound prayers in my grave illness, as I dedicated a Poem on your Sermon, on the Practice of True Catholicism of a Pascal's Heart, which you cited many time in your TEXT: THEOLOGY OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, and CRAFT OF THEOLOGY.
I pay to Thee the *Greatest TRIBUTE* to your Father, who began the Demorcratic Nation_Building of the Republic of S. Korea. Your Father was an ANGLO-AMERICAN Presbyterian Patriarch, to mega_millions Presbyterians, Methodists and Catholics in S. Korea. I converted form Presbtyerian/Methodism under the influence of Lord Henry John Cardinal Newman AND THE INKLINGS; WHEREBY YOU oriented yourself to a planted the seed of intercultartion Orientalist, though CANONICAL and Orthodox to inter theology and philosphy in MODELS OF REVELATION!. In 5 months of knowing you and entering the Priestly Masses at Spellman Hall at Fordham University, YOU "grandfathered" and fulfilled my ecumenicalist, "Bad Catholic" Theology, though I practice and observe only the Hight Holy Days.

Requuiescat in Pacem, Lord Cardinal AVERY DULLES, who talked in the most gentles cadence of Shakespearean whispers, and an EVERLASTING LEGACY TRIBUTE TO YOUR MOST BELOVED AND HONORED FATHER, who SAVED S. KOREA, and builds it from top_BOTTOM.



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