Friday, November 5, 2010

Foucault's Historiographical Enui in re Melange and Ambivalence to Bentham's Panopticon and Social Deviance Networks

What is So fascinating about Foucault's insight into the failed architectural project of Bentham's clock-work bird's eye view of the prison discipline and cells is that it IRONICALLY succeeded to order Late Modernity (Post-Post Modernity) of what can be epistemelogically designed to surveil the time, space and matter in the the urban milleau. Whether it be global intelligence surveillance, federal investigation, state and local policing, and respectively on that level any Penological Programming.

Was Bentham an utilitarian Prophet, which Foucault's corpus on the policing of criminals and social deviance networks is monitored by those who are co-opted and work infra these channels of engagement (in terms of discursive and epistemic formation) to increase state power?

Or we left with a DurkheiminIian functionalist framework that Foucault borrowing from Weber's velvet cage refers to us all as clogs in the wheel, which keep turning until we reach a total surveillance society?

Can anything be fully be abolished or DECONSTRUCTED according to what the mass power of the engines and the pistons of networked information age in every level of society in which surveillance and monitoring can be stopped?

RSY Kim, PhD, Editor in Chief

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