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To and for OUR Mentors and Associates @ MIT, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY Graduate Center and NYU, Mayo Clinic Research Group

W's work is so Hindu-Buddhist in Re the doctrine of NETI, and counter Set Theory. I was convinced that Union Set Theory was right, but he refutes the claim that any set logical proof theorem can be through logic of mathematical language be falsifiable and non falsifiable, when he discusses about infinite sets, and irrational numbers for there to be a calculus to order infinite classification of sets, which is not "constructivist". This somewhat of a Tetralemma dilemma with the hypothesis that you can neither logically prove with mathematical linguistic syntax that set of infinite derrivatives-ratios of calculus as to what you we can "verify" as "foundational, logic and truth" of mathematics.It dovetails ancient Vajrahana/Zen Taoist number theory, algebra and calculus for "St" Wittgenstein, whose great deep profoud SILENCE and ascetic asuterity, and pragmatism is Greatly favored by Analytic Asian Orientalist Philosophers with Hilary Putnam, and Saul Kripke.

In Western mathematical form of the "empty set" of the equation of squares: G. Ramakrishna states, thus and comments:

To preface the equation is to understand that an entity exists in and only of itself, a duplicate is a close replication but never truly the parent entity. Entropy is the life of the universe and this creates inscrutably, mysterious undiscovered "laws", which is the inevitability of peculiarity. Infinity is in fact the only form with a finite replication----.

So onwards,

To assume 0 = 0 is to assume A=A

Thus B=B

Assume A=B=0, thus A=B

A2 - B2 = (A+B)(A-B) [by law of squares]



And thus, A=2A

-----RsyK Kim & G. Ramakrishna

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