Friday, May 28, 2010

Homeage and in Tribute___In Great Honor of James P. Levine, Dean of Advanced Research--John Jay College in good stead of his soon retirement, & Very Beloved Aunty C, Dr. Mary Gibson, & Dr. A. Soto & Lucy Tucker, my Godmother & SUPERVIISORY BOSS-F. WARREN NED BENTON!

For the succint wisdom and imponderable policy advisement of Great Dean James P. Levine, who rescued me from my endangered political dissent ("species") watch, before Old TSP policy reported a month or two ago in the Wall St. Journal News and NYT Times released its failure and demise; and implementing the Joint Compu Sci/Math/Statistics/Forensic Computing/Public Administration/Forensics Department with VERY BELOVED MENTOR, F.Warren Benton, and FACULTY.

For VERY BELOVED Aunty C, who knows my "other dark" half with VERY Beloved Mary Gibson, an analytic post-Romanticist Pre-Modern and Modern European Historian and Penologist, and MA, and Sub-PhD Advisors, who Mentored me in Global Studies Historiography with Lucy Tucker, who taught me to write more lucid, clear, simple American-Enlgish Prose, I offfer you all the greatest tribute.

I pay homeage esp. to Great Dean Jame P. Levine for 13 years of Advisement on all levels with rest, and Lucy Tucker, 15 year in teaching me the Apologetics and Universal Catechesis of the Catholic Faith.

I've decided to wear a M.A-M.Phil gown in BLACK, as in Metallica's IMMORTAL BLACK ALBUM, listening to the song that makes me with the profoundest joy and sorrow, and JOY for the disciplines which I've studied and was trained for! Is Black a COLOR, who said it ever was?

I pay the highest respect and admiration to Dr. Soto for being the most in-genius, and precisely on the money specialist in the field of Medicine. He has saved on many occassion from agony and destruction.

Most Humbly and Respectfuly Yours, Love Much,


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