Saturday, May 29, 2010

The accountability of truth, logic and assent, and for those who are agnostic, atheists, and those who are True Believers

How can we assent to set of proposotion of belief on the facts of certainty, when there is no proof to show that case is affirmative or negative in the Western classical symbolic logic-formal logic tradition.
We can only assent to matters of truth, if they are verifiable. This is an immortal, titantic struggle. To not know the truth of a proposition is by means of  asserting of not knowing, or an affirmative "kind" of skepticism. To not believe is not to assert that truth does not exist, but to deny its relevance that a corroborative logic is in fact sustainable, as a lynch-pin to a system or sets  of belief.

It is Faith which Kierkeggard sets forward as the kink in the system of any verifable or falsifiable logic.

TO PROVE SIR Popper wrong--Why not simply Falsify Falsification, in the Manner of Nagaruna "Madyamika" viz., the "MIDDLE WAY."

RsyK Kim

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