Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To & For Adina Schwartz, Mater Professor--, CUNY GC + John Jay College of Criminal Justice/ Ph.D Rockefeller Univeristy (Philosophy Proper) + Yale Law School, JD-


"On the Mt. Hills of Megiddo + 4 Horseman of the Sky to
Save Humanity Earth from False Prophets + to & for
Ezekiel, Moses, Christ, Elijiah + Israfael, Isvatara+
Chi Gung-----Kairos in Tempore--

Magadala of David + Solomon+
Rhua + Schema of
Sacred Hebrew + Koine Scriptures---

 What is truth that can not be explained
outside its liminological limits--- of the referent
 + correspondence
of an Act (CRF Joseph Raz--as Actus)--
Mater, Mater--what then is Philosophy--
"Sursarm Corda"--of Action (as volitional
Agency + or by Providential Narratology
of Character as a Case (Study) the
simul at que of "Merry Wives of Windsor"
& "Macbeth" + "Hamlet"
--both by interior castles of
the Jewess, San Teresa--beyond
Grid + Ad Simulationem
& Gaming of YHWH Castle +
As tactical Strategic---
de "internal realism" (Hilary Putnam--
of the madness of Wisdom in which
the Seal of Solomon--was by Divine
FIAT & Inspiration--as the St Gabriel
Revelation to the Annunciation of the
BVM---beyond past memory, future
perfect+the "sacrament of the presence"--
IS TIME"--beyond the lot of winged cars
as knowing All Time is Perfect  Suffering
+ Labors Lost + Won--we return
to Solomon's last word--that to seek
Philosophia is Madness, but not Mistress Sofia-
like a wife guides + guards her husband to gaze+++
+ Understand with ( Torah + Tanak +Vipasyanna
of the Indic_Jews Diaspora from GENESIS-& Babylonian
Captivity-of Daramsala
of Time, Space +Matter of what is unraveled  to by
Mysterium Depositum Fidei + Lex Orendi +-- 
 in its--deutero--cannoncity--
of Lyrical Mystagogy of Hellenism of the
Song of Solomon---or it Is it the spiritual zoe-trope
& incandescent dream of Sadhu + Yogin+ Boddhisattva
Combat + Holy Communion of Saints supra All Tribes,
Clan, Family+ Kin Folk of a Land to which the Primordial
Mongols were a Nomadic Tribe--
of the Chosen People, as I bear witness--to the
like the Greatest Sage of 19th Century GK Chesterton
Catholic  Zionist of 1st Convenant to which we are all
"Spiritual Semites" (JP the Great) in light of this what
 can be said--\that which Soren Kierkegaard said that--
"Philosophy is
Seduction." Why did Soren give up Regina without
nuptial of modern certificate of contract--???
Because he loved in "Fear & Trembling" as "Discourses
on Love--which Covers Multitudes of Sin--
In which by loving one's foes or rivals--the Sluice
Gates of the Heart avows all thing, never to be lost
again the Original Justice of God (& Unveiled Face
of YHWH of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, Ezekiel
(A Suffering Servant of Prophecy" in re "Pesch--Uber" +
 Agus Dei--of THEORETIKON OF Athos + Rome+
 JEERAZULEM +Byzantium of St. Helena of  Istanbul--Ephesus
Plight of Zion--attacked on 4 Sides of Mt. Megido--
Eschaton--does ELijiah come to Restore all Things--
as Prospero--(CRF Tempest00)
until the Second Coming for Henotic/Theosis/Gnosis/
Prolepsis (CRF Lord Cardinal Avery Dulles, my Great
Teacher of Homiletics at Spellman Hall, S.J. Priestly
Residence + Lady Chapel--)
Thank You for your most helpful psychological wellness & moral support in (Silentio Dei--Atman+ Tetralemma + Meditation + YOGACARA_Hindu-Buddhist Analytical Philosophy of Many Different School--but as Flannery O'Connor--"Everything that Rise must Converge)" Vatican 2 Catholic--+ as I complete to master my Internal Style Chinese--Korean Yoga of Chi-Kung & Nei Kung---
SY Richard Andrews Cyprian Kim,
Abbotus (Dae Han Sue Doe Sa) Apostolic Missions to the Far East (OSSTB)
Dean Rich SY Beou Wheol Shin Kyo--Sino-Korean--Japanese--Vietnam + Phillipines--
Hong Kong + Malabar Rite (S.E. Asia) Latin--Asiatic Rite
Associate Research Faculty Fellow
@John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Microsoft--CUNY Graduate Center Copy Right (2015)--English--Education/CRJ-Criminology/
Cyber-Security/Mixed Research Methods--


    Sang Yeong Andrews Kim




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