Friday, December 19, 2014

To Which is Which+ Null/Ad Infinidum + Time Stand Still--Vortex of Eclipse of Sunne in Search of New Horizon of Dusk---


area between lines, across the lines, over the lines, under lines, +one way+2 +Walking Straight Forward and/or Backwards"

sp;Dear Distinguished All,
This issue of finding=
out who Hacked SONY Pictures is very foolish--in light of trying to "Re-dr=
ess" the issue--by what President speaks of "Counter_Defensive" + if need b=
e "=3DContra-Negative---"
The atomistic Logical Positivism of Aristotle,=
John Van Neumann, Max Plank (+their Disciples)--Aristlotle's Poltical Theo=
ry + Government of "Empires of Past Centuries & Vortex of Mor=
e thanA Millenia Age, which the Cause of War has not progressed--if there i=
s as predicted by WWW111---
 Ludwig Wittgen=
stein + Alfred Tarski+ St Nagarjuna, Philosophy of Government + R=
adical Liberty & Tolerance (St. Thomas Jefferson) + Privacy Intere=
st of Common-Civic Republicanism (Irish Republican, in =
a neo-Liberal Society & History of the "Now"<---=
>"Time as a Sacrament of Accepting as Christ + His Late Apostle" waited =
for "GOD" ("Waiting for G (CFR All the Volumes of President&=
nbsp;St. Abraham Lincoln) + Korean Mongolian (Chinese+ Japanese) Philo=
sophy of "Way of the Intercepting Fist or "Strike"<_______________></=
If this structural (Actus Rea, exclusive of modus operandi"--The R=
and Report, (in Athene's Camp, 2015), Harvard--MIT Strategic Center Report =
(2000), Stanford Hoover Inst. (2003)
have ad infinitum stated tha=
t we are Cyber_War against US National Security + Global Intelligence in th=
e Transpacific Rim--

Richard Clarke this yea=
r said that "we are at Cyber_War".
What are the =
policy + TACTICAL***** Options & Fundamental Strategic Impostume of &nbs=
p;Rhetoric++++(that is bark & no teeth)--that the Ancient (Primordial) =
Philosophy of Action as both "War & Peace" as Policy--
USA is=
too to good to be true in terms of Freedom, Liberty + Pursuit of Hori=
For me it is now Buddhadharma (Law of Buddha+ Bhvagan Tantric Hindu-Buddhist Jews w. Cahtholics, Eastern Orthodoxy----Christians, Christian + Jews w. Xisa Muslims--as LEO STRUASS + ERIC VOGELIN + HH=
ist toward the both Optima, Minima toward++1/0=3D1/1=3Dlemma-Every step for=
ward is one back, + converse--in desperate + dire need of Tactical Reason a=
s the Sumpreme Mode of Self_Defense & Counter-Offensive--in which =
the Western World + World must wake up for not only+++plight of poor, labor=
ing class, & regulation of Political Economy of a "now Consumption=
-Market" as now the PROBLEM of "Globalization" (both Micro-Macro) of M=
ulti Global Incorp.

LO Reference:

John Jay College/CUNY inter alia Syracuse LS (On Line Reference),
Wiki Project/Aecylopedia/
Maxwell School of Public Management + Law + Policy inter
alia (LE NOVEU ESTABLISHED) Strategic Center---
"Only the =
gods can save us now--"  Martin Heidegger
Happy Hanuakah, Merry Christimas, Kwaanza, Feast of 3 Kings=
--& Joyous, Prosperous, Healthy New Year--
.S. I have another Voluntary Job at St. Vincent's--St. Joseph's Hospital as=
Supervisor--of the Computing Facility--w, also; now, having more than 100 =
client in Yogacara, Chi-Kung\,  This rotation I have 20 clients--who t=
ells me that I am helping them in teaching Eastern Psychology, Common Sense=
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--Group Sessions--
style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 12px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: #000000">
"FONT-SIZE: 12px; FONT-FAMILY: arial; COLOR: #000000">
ILY: "Arial","sans-serif"; COLOR: black'> 
MsoNormal>COLOR: black'> 

Cordially =
& Highest Warm Regards, humbly submitted-
chard Kim

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rich im trying to read your multitude of emails i think u think faster than you write. you miss letters in the words you type.
The emails are cryptic to me. only your fellow colleagues can understand them. you can keep emailing as your copy.

love u rich!
I can't wait to see on Christmas Eve.
God Bless

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