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Poem"--"Of Palaver's Spring & Hearthe" for good omens for SCPC Inst.+ E-Conferences, Letters, Digital Pro-List Inst: to be Incorp. and as Non-Profit Org.


To & For Distinguished, Drs. Profs. Directors
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[R.Deakins, Deans J. P Levine, JI Kleinig, RS Sullivan, R. Kelly (Emeritus) C. Weidemann,(Late, RIP) & Sidney Morgenbesser (Late, RIP)

Lucy & Tom Tucker, Nicole F (NYU, BA, CUNY, advanced PhD [cand], Comp. Lit & Lingua]--Elinore K, Emily (NYU, BA, Psych/LMSW), Rev'd Fr. K. A. Piotr Kowalski, Rev'd Fr. R. Terga, PhD, R.Turley (KAS), P. Kelleher, MD, Director, St. Vincent-Joseph's Medical Center--

Where may the winds blow,
as a storm of unforgiving fire
to the heart & mind gives
consolation, but with standing,
remembrance of dark, brutal
winter ; not of discontent,
but embers but made emblem,
of wild youth of a departed brother
in the temple pagoda monastery
of tempest and fury of Classical
Chinese divination of fortune
by ideographeme of young maiden,
giving birth, and the passing of
years, and raising children under
prayers offered by St. Monica
for her lovely daughters, and lost
son, to whither and thither
of Late age--to script her
yarn as hope of narrative of
peace, and love enduring
in peak seasons, valleys
high and low of the Orient
histoire de facto--the
Hermit Kingdom of Old Choson!
The Teacher & Patriarch said
behovely in mono-syllables:
"Emptiness is form;
 form---no emptiness."
As by fore-vision, and
precept, sense faculty
& with sight desire,
so I wish too climb Mt. Diamond
in proximity to Yalu waters,
afar from the Han River
in the South--
Wait for the liturgical dirge of ancestral rite
of a "wind burial"--eyes which have never
seen light, but beheld glory of
blood and martyrdom of 19 Century
& Korean War, prior, and post,
as a home-coming, sounds, and prompting
of cries of mourning dividing by great
threat of war & violence--Korea, North
& South--of geo-political theatre
of a Eschaton--
Day by day the coming of Spring,
when it rustles its leaves: green, red
& brown;
Time & Memory is, now, present &
future imperfect--of the palaver
of the heart of silence.
O abscondita beata solitudine!
Hitherto forward, drifting away in a ship
with sails white & blue on the]
Hudson--vivifying the impenetrable
light of stars, which electrify & make]
mute the white noise, alienation &
fragmentation of celadon porcelain
marrow bones--of no use other
than to resurrrect a ruined museum-
of antiquity, and futurist time to
heal and give alms to they who
are in need, of patience & wisdom
vexed, the body afflicted by age
& what is given--the mortal threshold
which gives, which we pay the joyful
ante in the world, departed--
--Drifting away to Aegean Sea by Ephesus-
and parallel vision of West Point, priors
Stationed at Garrison Fort,
there the azalea garden blossoms,
without vison of sense--but of its petals--
to make wine from herbs-as follows;
in co-junction, betwixt and next to mud pond
of the lotos-rose--we dream of immortality--
nexus to what is infinitely real for, and
yearned for--
Eastern Tropic of Cheju and Doikdo Isles
in the Easterns Sea, without visceral
vulgar Pacific Real Politiks--
Of Briars which bear fruit in Westchester-on
whole--a gourd of the womb of silence,
stillness, and calm--
Does she not humbly invoke the
 [Of more than 3 Millena & in sum more
& none.
And, now, past present--Future Perfect
is all present.
What should I remember or fail to
recall, other and rather than April's
downfall of rain.
A quick memorial of the living, of those who
are dead. Perrenial Song of the Living, &
notn the dead.
This, This, the perennial rites of
Spring tided....
Of which we can only verify where truth becomes
substantial to avert the consequence of what and
which is the Final Call of what can neither say
or by mimetic discourse of identity, work and
labor, of Light, which the Darkness could not
understand nor conquer--as the seed
was thrown in fertile, and made manifold
by the Palaver of Spring, and the ash
& dust of mortal lives.
What Einstein, who believe not so--
the imago dei--Image of God-
but the Great Powers of Light-
with nothing having to be
said or said--
"Imagination is greater than
knowpedge" and received
a gentleman's and scholar
for Advanced mathematical
 Physics--'C" by
his Master-Planck-
& simul atque veritatis corda-" this 
time to realize
that the opposite of knowledge-
is freedom.
The Transmigration of the body & soul
of ion's discovery!
So, to you shall wait & see!

by Bok Yun Kim, (BA--Ewha Women's College, English & American Lit. & Language)
& with

Richard S.Y Kim, (NYU-SUNY Purchase, BA, John Jay College, CUNY Graduate Center,
Research Fellow, City University of New York
Dept: Public Management/Criminal Justice-Philosophy// supra I-T
SCPC Member, Shinran Society, Tokyo, Japan-USA,

Member, U of Hong Kong, Digital Library & Archive, Doctoral
Research Consortium, China & USA
List.Serv Sub. Member, Applied Logic Group, London Research Consortium, Wiki Project--Philosophy of Logic *Web Page, (WP), Abbot (WP)
& Ideogram (WP)

SCPC Member, International Society of Wing Chun & School of Philosphy-with OSB-Monks--train 
in forms, meditation, technique & Classical Chinese philosophy, HK, SF, Vancouver, Taiwan,  (


Epilogoi: Sources in Context

In Sempiternal Memory of Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. (R.I.P.) and (his Father's work in Korea)--e-mail communication, to and from Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion & Society (Late)-Fall 2003--Fordham University

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______"Hebrew Prophets"

______ "Theological Investigations"

_______"Foundation of Mathematics"

_______" Philosophical Investigations"

________"Culture & Value"

_________"Systematic Theology" Volume 1-3;  "Dynamics of Faith"

_________"Models of Revelation"

_________"Awakening of Faith Sutra": Interpretation & Commentary

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