Friday, January 31, 2014

Martin Heidegger & "Truth," "Discoveredness/Disclosure," & "Objective"


  for FW Ned Benton,  James P. Levine, Christina EH C,  John Kleinig,  Mary Gibson,
      John Maynard, Adina Schwartz, Roger Deakins

Sumum Bonum et Fides & Secularis Ratio Cordis---

Joan Stambaugh's reading--since, "wahr=true"+ "preservation of the discoveredness in the truth of the statement--"perduring" (wahrend)--->Discoveredness; Objective presence of "constant": Truth. (PP. 461). SUNY Press, 1995.

A Comment of M. Heidegger's "Discoveredness, Objective & Truth" as Holist Mind-Action Philosophical Theology--

If all universal propositions in the humans sciences & natural sciences correspond in light of aggreement, we move toward a great destiny, rather than compromise. Our actions, and thoughts, give us reprieve of judging others and our selves. Shall I say a "M-Theory" of the Academy since Athens, Jerasulem, & ancient Oriental Schools of the Thought within continuity of their internal traditions and institutions.

& This destroys the sovereignty of Judgment and Final Condemnation of God, which is not in the hands of God, rather than mere mortals.

Could Max Plank convert the tortured mind, spirit and body of Nietzsche, and make Ntzsche as theorist of Quantum Mechanics---to believe in the Mysteries of Christian mysticism, in which he admired Catholic Monasticism, and Buddha infra Einstein theory of Relativity & Time, Space & Matter???

--Richard SY Kim, Ph.D

Research Fellow

Member, U of Hong Kong,
Doctoral Thesis Research Consortium
China, E--Library & Archive

H-Link--Sources of Chinese Philosophy (Princeton UP, NJ)
H-Link-Sources of Indian Philosophy (Princeton UP, NJ)
H-Link, Kyoto School of Philosophy, Japan (Harvard UP, Cambridge, Columbia UP, Harlem-Riverside, NY, NY)
H-Link Neo-Confucian School of Philosophy, Korea (Harvard UP, Cambridge; Columbia UP,
Harlem, Riverside, NY, NY= of Logic. Wiki Project

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