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A Tribute to Dr. Prof. John I. Kleinig (coming to his retirement, Emeritus)among the Greatest, & Foremost Meta-Analytic-Philosphers of Cyber-National Security & Privacy-as Legal Philosphy & Criminal Justice Policy---His Landmark Work: "Ethical Perils of Knowledge Aquisition"


The quest of the Holy Grail  in respect to Cyber-National Security and En Masse Surveillance is: Ipso Converso est reverso caput Albert Einstein-"Bending Time" as the much watched show, which hardly missed any episode-on NBC--"QUANTUM LEAP." which Carl F. Wiedemann was talking about the "Ying & Yang" of Quantum-Relative Physics of the Mind, as Psychological wonder and conflict as "Cognitive Dissonance" and mentall illness such as Depression, Bi-Polar and Schzophrenia among criminals...

As a Legacy of 33rd Zen Patriarch-as how to overcome dualism in binary opposite is not base on what others' reply: "brush the dust off the mirror of the mind; but what Hui Neng says-MU-SHIN-"there can't be a dualism because there is "NO MIND" where is a "Mirror" or "Reflection as to construct reality or perception: other than how we interpret-what is represented to cognitive faculties.

When we come to understand this framework of Zen logic, we will see that all things will fall into space, if we don't challenge neither government nor ourselves in protesting government in the debate in the USA between national security and privacy.

We must always dream of hope so hope will be our reward, and not despair.

---SECURITY & PRIVACY: ETHICAL IDENTITY MANAGEMENT (Kleinig, Miller, Salane, Schwartz & Mamelli, ANU E-Press)
is by the greatest Landmark of Pillar of General Cyber-Strategic Thought--which if, prophetic--at the Highest Level of Global Intelligence & Investigation+ to "De_Limit"
the LEVIATHAN of beyond countless after countless, beyond no. and the Cyber-War as the Most Clandestine Cyber-Hack & Espionage with
Global (scales) as a       remainder of the days leaves liberal Democracy in a demise, or crisis------->but show what can be heard or seen in the Public Eye--shall I  I say third Dharma Eye of being vigiantl about protecting Democracy, at the same time revering liberty--by which there is
there is "no silver bullet. To do so is to  BI_POLARIZE  these two "Prongs" is disregard  the ethical (Phronesis of Aristotle) &Federal Constitutional
Proceduralism (RCF, please see J. Habermas late Magum Opus--"Symbol,"Action" & "Law".

Drs Kleinig, Miller, Salane, Schwartz, & Mameli have struck "A Dragon Blow"confronting this LEVIATHAN: "The Society and Civilization
which we have created Technology (please see Jacques Ellul--TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY & TECHNOLOGICAL BLUFF__)--as idolatry of the consequence of BEHEMOTH of Clandestine Secret (a very strange, weird cult of the esoterica,
for novice adept of "Technocracy"-

-but the Gift of "Recto Ratio" will prevail only not in chronos--but the Vertical Time of the Eternal in Tempore
Chronological Time. "  Without abusing the Internet or using for criminal means & ends--there is great education, a rich culture of information
 to those who have Access, and should be provided for the poor. To Paraphrase much , too,  Pope Francis.***

"Heaven Help Us"--- As we cross the Rubicon with out fear, or paranoia, that--

\ "God does not throw dice with the Universe"--Albert Einstein--

Richard Sang Yeong Andreweson Kim, Order of SS Thomas & Bartholomew, PhD.
Abbot Society,, Philosophy of Logic &  Ideogram, Acyclopedia, Wiki P-
Dean, Hermit---Asian Philosophical Theology of Mind & of Math--

Research Fellow

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
City University of  New York

Divison Public Management, Crim J, IT-Philosophy


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