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For Great Grand Master-Nicholas Birns, "Poe of Christ, Christ of Poe"--=A Commentary on Goal of Zen Meditation & Conceptual Clarification As Philosophy & FW Ned Benton, Dean James Levine, John Kleinig, C.HE. Czechowicz, Mary Gibson, Barry Latzer, Michele Lowrie, John Maynard, Roger Deakins-Rev.Fr. Appollo Kaz, Rev. Dr. Richard Terga, Adina Schwartz, Lucy Tucker, Late Steve Kim, Bok Yun Kim & Seoul National University Business School, Class of 63'-Alumni-Metro-NY Region, Christa Brennon, Maryann McManus, Emily, Elinore Kramer, Dr. Adolf Soto, John H. Morgan*** Gautam Ramakrishna-Julie K. Lee***+++Grace Kim, Sang Hyub, Michelle & Anna, & Yale Divinity School-Associate Dean of Admissions, Sean Mcavoy, Asst. Director, and Director, Anglican Priestly Formation-tremens fascinans gratia fidei et spes: Omnium Dei::E-Pluribus Unum!!! & Robert Turley-KAS--Benjamin X. Liu, JP Weiner, John T. Choi, Shaun Von Beverhaudt, Ashley Brody, DDavid Gilbert, Paul, Christian------Charles Lieberman-JW Hong---In Late Memory of Karl F. Weidemann, Professor Dr-JJC--NYU, Senior Fellow, Experimental-Clinical Psycho-Physics Lab--R.I.P., Ashley Brody, David Gilbert, Paul Lombardo, Isis, Andrew, Kevin L, Norma, Shirley-----

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE What are the systems of thought? Do systems construct themselves out of materialist subject-object relations, which are correspondent with how we interpret & perceive the world? The goal of Zen Mediation is to radically break and cast asunder & anti-iconically create the mind free of "white noise"-what can be referred to "cognitive dissonance" in Western psychology!!!! As Grand Zen Master says: "Katz!"Katz"-"Wake up, Haah, Haaah!"-with a bamboo staff drawing you to awareness of self consciousness beyond what can" be conceived" as matter, time and place-by DYANNA-Silence, and the Fire Sermon, and the Sermon on Mt. Olives, and prajna-compassionate wisdom-"meaning"-Sanskrit to English trans.) and Nirvana of peace and absolute calm and stillness-the Bosom of Abraham-as Cross Matrix Philo-theology/meta-analytic as Jacob Boehmian "Christian Gnosticism" (C.F. Paul Tillich's "History of Christian Thought")and Lord Avery Cardinal Dulles+Axiomatic Theorem of Transcendent pheno-menological Oriental Eastern Orthodoxy and Asiatic philosophy-As PRO_LEPSIS/KNOWLEDGE=KNOWLEDGE, AS INTERNAL AND SUBJECTIVE FAITH(VIZ. MARTIN LUTHER, PAUL TILLICH, KARL BARTH, KARL RAHNER, VON BALTHAZAR AND JOHN HENRY CARDINAL NEWMAN, AND THOMAS MERTON'S "ASSENT TO TRUTH" AND IN CO-VARIANT SPECIES OF FAITH, WON HYO & NICHIREN PHILOSOPHY OF SUTRA AND MIND MEDITATION, AND PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL & MORAL DISCIPLINE- "THE APOcylptic MONKEY SYMBOL-OF THE BUDDHIST ESCHATON-"AWAKENING OF THE FAITH SUTRA",& HUI NENG'S 33rd Patriarch of Shaolin Temple-Commentary in RE Diamond Sutra, & Platform Sutra, & Quantum mathematical logic of th Diamond Sutra-Chief Abbot Mu-Seong & of the Heart Sutra-- and double binded recursion--realist facts as rhetorical Insight for (Alfred Tarski-Wager of "Semantic Linguistic Axiomatic Theory of Truth) Peace, Love, Mercy & Justice as Analytic Action PhilosOphy-"SHIL-CHUN-SINO-KOREAN" "Bhavagan" Culture of Yogic Meditation of Mind, and voluntarism of Mind & Free-Will. " Ricard S.Y.C.A Kim, PHD Research Fellow-John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Graduate School & University Center DEPT. PUBLIC MANAGEMENT, & CRIMINAL JUSTICE & LAW & POLICE SCIENCE STUDIES

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