Thursday, July 25, 2013

In Memoriam: St. Gregory of Nyssa-A Late Modern Patristics

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE\\ You ask me that were You to destroy the ions of infinity of kalpas to save-one soul in despair- Le Suicide-and was a false god= Shiva, as if a myth would be were to culminate that this this soul burdened, and more than troubled was Christ the Savior, the Star of David, prior to any written record or speech, that He was the Eternal Lamb Slain before Time, or any ion of infinity or Time because He with YHWH was always there, always in the womb-fruit, on the Sunyatta of Deus-Origns, Shakina-Ruah, of any nor Record of Revelation. Verbum Dei est Incarnatio Jhesus Christus et Mater Ecclesia

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