Saturday, July 20, 2013

Awake in Fire

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE to & for Emliey.}}===C.K.G.] NYU, NYU St. Vincent de Paul--St Joseph, Sister of Caritas, ora pro nobis, Thank you- So I burn. So I burn, pyre to pyre- in stakes of fire by cauldron pot of my Grandmother"s porridge and milk of ox bone in the smithy of my race and ancestry- which is what is what which I don't care to know to re-call in millenial dance of being lost, by morrows of the sea tide to not know what to care for no loss of vision, but knowing the fullness of the wheel which turns until the Light draws me closer to closer to emptiness of time, no longer re-collecting past moment of in-decison or agony of the setting of the sun, but that which draws me closer to Thee, Thou you are closer in intimacy of the lilacs in court yard to understand-therapeutics is subject-object nominative, and not anemic accusative of question and interrogation I said nothing- nilil est vacuo de lingua when I by the desert, there are waters in = where you and I are first citizens to re-build Atlantis= not to colonize a new cosmic eros of a planetary civilization, but find incognita terra ab nueva historica ad caelum!


Charis said...


S.Y.R. Kim said...

Agni, Agni, de alter de Sol y Luna de in Cathedtraque Profundis Secula et Urbis Orbe!

Thank You! Charis!

All Best Regards & Not Necessary, but Heat is the Sign of
our Warm "blood-sanguis!"


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