Friday, September 18, 2015

A Posteriori Consideration of all Contra Negative when Crossed by Sub-Division of Irrational Numbers: Through the Grace of God--these Beautiful Numbers Heal---


The Qualifier to Russell's "Rule of the Excluded Middle"----Zeno's Paradox

+ Heraclites Elementary Philosophy of FIRE (AGNI) of the gods (perhaps a Paleandrithic Prior Proto-Indo--European Tribe + Governing Language + as Writing + Speech.)

+Parmenides Nothing can be "submitted" & "posited" in the position of A PREDICATE (IDENTITY) SET + Nominative (Nomologiical) + Objects As Co-Variant + Multi-Co-Variate + ANOVA + MANOVA---THIS BEING, a Reply to WV Quines Late Work on "Ontology of Subject + Object Relations in light of Post-Logic Positivist  Cambridge School--

SEM Structural Equation Model of Simulation & Explanatory + Experimental Explanans Explandum Interpretion of "Truth as Facts" + "Communicative Action (CRF-Jurgen Habermas)  in the "Naked Public Sphere" (Fr. Richard John Neaus RIP, Late)---Ronald Dworkins's (RIP, Late) of the greatest Legal + Philosophical Mind for  500 years, + Habermas (Participatory-Deliberative Democracy) this wearing the "Diadem" of Lady Wisdom of Philosophy--SOFIA NYU-extremely Top Dog on "Theoretical Philosophy"--& to CUNY CRJ + CRIMINOLOGY + RESEARCH METHOD (QUANT./QUALITITATIVE"--w. "Middle Level Theory" + Not "GRAND"+++POST EMPIRICAL STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS--"CUNY" to my understanding with my PhD with an Anglo--Asiatic Americanist Meta-Philosophy of Policy, Logic, Philosophy of Operation Systems Research (Policing Work-Models, Investigations, CSI, Forensic Science, Forensic Accounting, History, English-Philosophy + Foreign Languages+ Forensic Computing + Public Management + CRJ Planning--feeder to FBI + CIA--+ Federal Agencies + State + Locale--(in which mens + modus operandi--why I truly want to become a MPA General Inspector under the Direct Supervision of Dr. FW Ned Benton the Great--Endowed Chair Graham Priest, Distinguished Professor Adina Schwartz ++++++ & John Ian Kleinig--!!!

& Go to law School hopefully Fordham, NY LS, Brooklyn Law School-- since I am a Oriental Catholic Christian --E. Asian Latin Rite Catholicism of Diocese of Seoul, S. Korea via Holy See of Church of Rome+ with my Spiritual Lord & Master--Arch-bishop Joe-Inn (Late, RIP)(Orthodoxy + an Abbot, Primate--of the Order + Society of SS THOMAS & BARTHOLOMEW--go to FORDHAM--which I am more impressed in light of "Good Power" (CRF JRR TOLKIEN)--to follow the path of Dr. Adina Schwartz & Barry Latzer---

ANGLO-RUSSIAN (SLAVIC-Asiatic) Philosophical Method--(as "Top Dog" in Applied High + Low (as Caroliiginian Divines + Evangelical _Via Media--of the Anglican Divines000)--in terms of drawing a "scholastic structure" of  England Prior to Reformation + the Deep Inheritance of Catholicism--of the Church of England + Her Communion in situ Globalization---

The rest is "go with the flow"--

Many & All Blessings--



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