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What you label as Variable in Personality + Trait is Your Indexical Vision is not Mine, but my "Re-Presentation w/out IDOLATRY OF SYMBOLISM OR SIGNS, but where there is No, Spirit, Soul, & Mind+ where is Buddha-Nature


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In the hearte of the chyrsanthemum
bottle wine of wines in
pearled dishes of wasabi &
green tea--
I shall spit out the looked warm
as tea leaves that can
neither prophesy against the
winds of a gambit prophetic witness
of the Holocaust  of Sacrifice of
Jewish Priests of Levites--
 that offer neither solace &
to the many--
to & order of High Priest of Salem
Melchizadek--who blessed

As Mortification + Action
of whether Orthodox + Heterodox
who obey ++++the Conscience
of Divine Consciousness, which
can be coerced, or fall into
over-determinacy, but
through + via grace--

Spiritual Work & Corporal Work of Mercy---

The Church, a Church--
of sinners & saints--

God of the gods, YWHW, Son + Holy Ghost-

ora pro--

O, Israel, your children are desolation--
they cry in memoria-amor the Glory
of their God's God is as one with union
with Henoxis ipsit dixit---the  Fulfillment
of Jewish & Buddhist Law--is Metta Sutta--Love--
+ for which ST. MM Bakhtin--(CRF--Baktin's Biography--
In RE his Russian Orthodoxy--God Created + "Ordered
Creation (Book of Genesis) He Loved His "Good"

Subject: On-Line TALMUD--POST TAG "OUR SCPC" O--Schema---Carmelite Catholicic Askesis--St. Juan et Teresa de Cruz & De Avila----+ Meta--Analytic (Indic--Philosophy as to Anti-Metaphysical Meridian Points (of Body, Soul-Mind (Phaedo00This or Thusness--Tathagata---
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 The Talmud: Selected Writings (Classics Of Western ...++++
In Honor of Dae Seung Sahn (Late, RIP) A Spiritual--Bhavagan Healer//who has healed me in the past--& is working in his stead--to attain Nirvana while on earth--as to "DEFER" Nirvana --to help all++++sentient being+++as Boddhisattva++till we have the Heart==of Mens + Actus of Tatagatha--the ULTIMATE NAME OF THE BUDDHA---, Chogye Buddhist Orthodoxy & Mt. Diamond Western Orders (Heterodoxy) 1st Patriarchs--Like Japanese Order--they Can Marry--even as Zen Masters---
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