Saturday, July 18, 2015

Do Arch-Angels Intercede in Angelic + Spiritual Warfare of the LORD OF HOSTS???? YES + NO--to Believe in the Blinding Vision of God or to Remain with Open Eyes with Phyronnic Doubts


To 4 Arch Angels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel & Metatron (Prince of Countenance)

Ave Corpus Christi et Sanginis Christi,
that by Primordial Rite,
Sacrificial Rite, that Human Blood
Worship + Appeasing Satan, Demons
& Lord of Demons,
was the Terminus & Departing
Moment, which in which
Gregory of Nyssa-
"Eternal Lamb Slain before Time"
was the Priors Space, Matter
of the Vision of Genesis, as the Verbum Dei &
Sacrifice of the Emmanuel, Redeemer--
Christ Jesus, was given by YHWH, Yeshem--
of Chosen People of Israel--& New Convenant
of Christ----
to be drawn from the blood & water
of His Side, + Holy Grail of the Chalice
to which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass--
O Salutaris Hostia, O Salutaris Hostia,
O Sultaris Hostia, not Perennial Passover--
but the Amensesis but every micro-quantum
permutation of the birth of a lepton, before--
mathematics of 'big bang"-- of the Transmutation
of Body & Blood=Blood & Body--
Destroying the works of the Accursed One +
in Every Shape + Form--
of the Catechumen of the Catacomb--
of Primitiva Ecclesia, of the Suffering
Church, protected by the Holy Spirit,
& Choirs & Dominion of Angels--
under the Prince of Angels--

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass-
Gaudete Te, Jubilatate Te--
for the poor in spirit, weakness + ill
of body, yet proclaiming Greatness of
Godhead of the Most Holy Trinity,
+ Most Blessed Theokos, Salve-Pro
SS Michael, Raphael & Gabriel--

Ave. Ave, Ave--in death & thy Dream Kingdom of Heaven--
at Final Judgement--reveal in sight + of the Beatific Vision
 & that you will reveal + lead us to
Most Holy Blessed "womb fruit"--Jesus Christ--
of the SH + IHM of the Throne of Mercy of Justice--
through the Treasury + of Merits of Saints & Martyrs--
in Holy Communion + of our Ancestry who hearing
the Silent Voice of the Conscience of Natural Law--
obeyed the Voice of God--

    Sang Yeong Andrews Kim


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