Monday, August 4, 2014

5 3-4 GENERATION OF AMERICAN KEMPO=Yip Mann + William Chun---> TKD-Wing Chun---------In Tribute & Honor in Martial (Mudo-Sino_Korean as Mongol Tribal Arts) Great Sifu David Kuan,--Grand Master--YS Jeyashua Kim,--Han Moo Kwan, Grand Master Min Hur, Master Keny, Grandmaster Chan, Great Grand Master Bill Wallace, Bruce Lee (May God rests his soul) + Great Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, and Great Grandmaster Tiger, Grand Master Chuck Norris, Grand Master Jackie Chan, & Dao Han Lui (Gordon) Liu---Shaw Brothers & HK Productions


 via athens****----shaolin (northern & southern school)--Han + Tang, Sung, puyo (Chulado) pulguska (silla) Park, kim, Suk,
(Paekche--Sodaku in Japanese)Yamoto + Fujiwara+ kyoto/kamakura-----

were O to on my knees--more than 50 of generation of ages disaffected Catholics & Christian who are as (Chin-Muek +Mo Ku (Sino-Korean/Japanese) Ronin--til the Second Coming of God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit+

& boddhisatva combat against the wickede--dialethica----->"He provides rain to both the good & the bad"--Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior with Buhhha Dharma Eye--(Vajra) + Tao of the Gospel & the Torah--->

in Honor & Intercessory prayer to Joe-Inn (A Tang Buddhist converted to Eastern Orthodoxy--martyred by both sides, because He sided with "Truth" and NOT-anti-dhama, & anti-christ, as Tang Buddhist & Later Arch-Priest, my Boddhisatva--who sent Martial Demon-Gods of Abyss of Virtue of Christ as Buddha for the call of Mercy-- who saved me on Columbus Circles 1 stop--__>going--against Terror of demons, which by God destroyed and cast these fiends to hell--
to Grand Central to Metro-North, Harlem Line---in grey, white +yellow robes--

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