Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To Hope + Understanding Insight of Suffering World: Faith, Hope & Love, but Above All--While Remaining Steadfast in Vigilance to WWWIII--Consequtional Rule of Augustine's Just War + Zen Buddhist Philosphy of Just War & Peace in Diagolical Brackets----


  1. Dear Lord Professor-Director-Chair-God-Pater: Lingua Literaturae +Pater Professeurs + John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

    I have just contacted Harvard Divinity School Admissions--the Asian-Religion-which the Western Christendom as remnant seek to understand Christianity w. World Religions*****---in which Don Prof. JHM is Executive director Christ Church College, Senior Fellow, All Soul's Collge--who suggested to me that before considering  a Post-Doc-of Oxford Foundation, Fellowship-visiting scholar to Oxford, CE-Studies, is ,now, what I observed is now the Harvard-Oxford Model (or vice-versa)--in a Policy Context of New Missions-Secularis-Spiritissime-that there may be way to reach harbinger of peace + NOT++geo-political Cyber-warfare + WMD's internationally, in which Hans Kuhn pre-eminent theology of Christian Ecumenicism + and Diialogical Understanding of Peace + Harmony for "World Religions" that reaches a Trust for  Social-Political & Economic Equilibrium for "A Way of Peace"---through out the globe.

    Those who have a PhD in hand waives GRE Requirements.

    I will very busy once I get to work--while working IFF and God willingly--Private-Public Sector CYBER-SECURITY ASSURANCE + POLICY+ NETWORK SECURITY--

    As I my Deus-Pater--thank you always for consideration--as I said to you the figura of Moses-Jesus--in my state of illness, "anarchy of atoms"--Niesztche

    Love, Most Respectfully & Humbly

    I will be working for 18-20 year in Cyber-Securty=CRJ-CRIM-Policy + Research Methods

  2. A Portrait of Distinguished Chair & Director, Dr John Maynard (Victorian Lit. Theory & Culture & Psycho-Analytic Biography--

    If so the heart of matter becomes a Ray of Sun Light & Fire,
    were you use such Refraction of the Prajnaparamita et sunyatta,
    dyanna (Kenosis) God-_Head of Ions of Kalpa-
    though, here I go in 12 C. High Middle Ages,]
    with fasting & weeping in peregrination, w/o sandals--
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  3. On Terse Reflection Past Memory of a Chrysanthem Wine + Western Mediaval + Renaissance Liberal Art--as Exit-Re-Entrance to What Was, Is, & Futurist Legacy


    for FW Ned Benton, my Great, Gentilesse + Wise Master

    That wich is beginning next to red & white+ exit signs,
    can well intend the happiness, and felicitiousness of our
    neighbors and ourselves....
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    A Blog Bulletin introducing current ideas on cyber-security, crime, Orientalist cultural criticism, philosophy, surveillance, and poetry and religion, social-legal cyber/criminology. E-GOVERNANCE/BUSINESS-Peremptory/Preventive Information Systems IN re Global Security Decision Applied THEORETICAL MODELING & Police Criminal Intelligence

    Wednesday, Apr...
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