Thursday, May 30, 2013

Neutraliization: Orientalism as Criminologie and Deviance: Bullets W/O Revolver

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE The question of the "Outsider" as secondary deviant labeling theory may reach a point of whether there is essentialist question of whether criminal or deviant behavior is in part of human nature. Then why is that then some people commit crime and some don't. How do we social stratify crimes in a parallel way of thinking that both law abiding and law offending crimes cross culture variants and hierarchy of social economic status, gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. It is like asking Carl Hempel's question on the null hypothesis, with the result that the our conclusion's result is false positive--"does a black swan exist?" It is not labeling or human trait theory, but an interpretation of making a theoretical contruct appeal to how we undersand not the phenomena of criminal offending or behavior, and deviance, but explaning for how we explain or justify our theories and hypothesis with empirical data, and data-analtyic structures of what is tangible to make a claim as to what cause crime, and the deviant behaviior. This is applied to problem of Orientalism applied to criminal as other, and deviant. In dire means of desperation, and loss of self worth, loss of conscious self-regard of self worth and love of neighbor, and stranded on the docks of society--all things are permissible, if Nietzche following Dostoeveky-"If God is dead, and we have murdered him"== Richard S.Y.R. Kim, PhD Philosophy of Logic, Ideogram, Abbot Society Fellow, JJC/CUNY Research Founation

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