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1 Aspect of Linguistic_Non-Discursive-Verbal-Western Buddhists Anglo-American -Iconic Reference Textualitie Theory: Roger Deakins, Nicholas Birns & John Maynard-NYU Textual and Critical Theory-WSUC-1989-1994 & Ned Benton & John Kleinig

SURVEILLANCE, CRIME & PHILOSOPHY & CULTURE What is a "referent against referent-where the referent is not and never can be signified or represented" Enter the howling bark of a dog, and his tears and laugher-"the Icon of the Buddha's silence, and merriment of joy, of the blissful nirvanic heaven's against what Trungpa calls "the spiritual materialism": of not only the West but now of Eastern world. Buddhism is on the decline, and classical learning ig the East of Sanskrit, Pali and classical Chinese are done by scholars,esp. in the West. The I ask you--:"Why did the Boddhidharma go West, and not East t to Germany,, France, England and US roughtly in the Mid to Late 1800's. What is time without space, space without either matter or space. It is silence of love, the conflict of desperate soul,the annihilation of the mind, and most painful hope of awakening from a nightmare, not which is our common day history, but WHAT ONE MAKES OF IT! IT IS NOW WHAT YOU SAY, OR WHAT YOU WRITE AS CORRESPONDANT TO WHAT YOU DO-AS ACT OR ALL LEST IS HYPROCRISY, WHICH IS FAR INFERNAL THAN THE PRANKSTER GOD-HERMES OF--- A MEAN CARD GAME OF B.S.! Monastaries are turning into bars, dives, and dance halls--- Love much, jIN_SHIL_MAEUM-MAKOTO-In the Heart, which Means :Truthful Spirit of SIncerity" (TR. SINO-KOREAN & JAPANESE )

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