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“The pearls were his fallen eyes: contra humanitaram mercanturam”


DR. W.F.N. BENTON, J.M. Spalding & Colleen Kennedy

The jewel of the vanishing twilight

I can never speak of,

Until I rest to rot and spoil.

And wish the very worms

Will have me consumed, the ‘pearls

That were his eyes,’ devour

My poisoned kidney and liver;

disemboweled in frost and snow,

Whereby, that very dagger,

My spleen, severed my tongue,

Which my ancestors said of chin-mook ,

Of silence that speaks, by never saying

anything at the drop of a dime.

Maidens of youth, were I ever

to love; I can’t ever say that I have-

Or is it a lie told by

the “God haunted,

Cruel Talent of Russ,”

Which has become the truth?

Tell her if you see him, he remains dead

And buried on a fragrant bed of lilies.

The sisters of Mercy and Terror

of Retribution, shall know, wielding

staff and sword, for a remnant of

seven thousand reserved from

the annals of time, vanguard those

who are left dead in tawdry barber

and salon shops--- far corners of

the metropolis, pilfered lots---

the fallen tropical torrential rain,

was shot when she repented

and confessed,

The rackets of the flesh.

The mercenaries of beasts,

sold her pound for pound,

Flesh for flesh, picked their teeth

with a mint deck of laminated

Chosun cards, with the soft

metallic polish of finishing nails.

Circles and Spirals of Light,

The gentle cadence of broken sibilants,

Deferred gutturals, which cry

Out from the hidden fount and portents

of creation of primeval sorrow and glory,

dusk, shadow and tempest.

The ubiquitous dawn, now, let us arise

and go.

O Rider of the raging seas

of lies, perennial doubt, and the

illusory devils, demon gods,

overthrowing my enemies.

You stretched out your shriveled

hand to save my child from drowning

by the salty shores at bay across

the fishing colony.

Sovereign divine you sold yourself

into slavery to set captives free.

One’s eyes, awaken, to hear,

The pupils and retina burnt by

the Sun, no longer burn with the passion

And pride of life, and lust of the eyes,

but fulfilled in the hope

Of the eskaton of the return,

Of divers dominion, times and deadly straits

reported, but the sequence of the

Actual left unsaid.

Kristavara & Ann [a] ya-mariam wanted it that Way,

a resident of the Eastern Isle Prefect

via Diamond Junction.

She remembered the discourse of the pre-eminent

Theologist who scripted: “She Who is,” and

read while drinking chrysanthemum tea, the novelle,

just released translation of Lombroso’s La donna delinquente

by the renowned City historian.

Luxury and the high life of thieves were all too much

a bane; she figured that it was mass bankruptcy or

global robbery?

And the woman was blessed though the breaking of chains.

Would you deceive yourself to be an auditor

of the wise, when your folly and idiocy, has twisted

And breached upon what was never said?

The flame burned in my heart,

which cried out in exhortation and admonition:

[“sancta mea amor crucifixus est”]

Father Juan, tortured and kidnapped,

a night of consecrated purgation;

wherefore, ascending the ladders of suffering,

did not confound darkness with the light,

light from the darkness, thick smoke from fire.

So did I fall prey to the imprisoned conundrums

of hallucinatory and spiritual vertigo, not like Father


She the Mystical Bride to whom

De La Cruz was wed.


at the shrine in Tagaste. . .

the martial mind of calm of the Tatagatha [aside]

history, culture and philosophy.

It is snuffed at the break of day to chase demons away,

Though rekindled within a lamp at nightfall…

Come l’augello, intra l’amate fronde,

posato al nido de’ suoi dolci nati

la notte che le cose ci nasconde,

For the world has become a stone pitted cherry.

At the parish, the church of Our Lady of Good Counsel

And the Sacred Heart, I cried out to God, Christ and holy Church-

Dehydrating, and rushed to the hospital, in steed of rails and barbed and quartered

Fenced halls, where I soon owe much more to time, than I shall ever know.

This the wager of Pilgrim’s Regress?

Sancta Rosa, Lumen Coeli!

Ave, Sanctus Spirtus Vertitatis et Lumenis,

ora pro……


“ Intertia and matter do not account for the peculiar death of the shadow.”

-E. Levinas


Dr. Warren Benton, Dean James Levine

Dr. Michael Jacobson, Dr. J.I. Kleinig, Dr. E. Mandery,

Dr. H. Feingold

Gautam, Chandu, Vivek & ANITA Ramakrishna, M.D.,  Dr. Prof. Michele Lowrie,
Benjamin X. Liu, John T. Choi, Shaun Van Beverhaudt

Dr. Prof. Adolf Soto

Rhoda Fisher, Roz Lev, Cathy Green,

J. P. Wiener

In Memory of the Works of Ram Bam, St. Thomas, Godwin, Alan Westin

[ my Grand-father, Huh Sook, Ki Suk-Steve & Bok Yun Kim]

Beethoven [perhaps] did not know

THIS ode his Joy & cortex singing.

Milton blind, he deaf-were

Their torsos joined at the hip-

They may have wandered

Through the wilderness, waiting,


But M knew the body would

Praise the living finding the

Lost without needles in haystacks,

Where there is no thread or ticket stubs.

Who is YWHW praising the graves

Of the dead-Babylon, were He to weep

Over the City, that vomited out the


The game vexed with riddles

Of three turtle-doves, eight broken wheels,

& nine skulls, which mirrored

Vulture Peak.

And the Word was never spoken,

No speech for words that lie

Against Reality, only rubbing

against the salt of your brows,

such that shall you drown by breathing.



Death by no easy words,

Other recourse to the door

Of true hollow bone &


Noah built the Ark,

while the Rest drank

Nothing less than poison.

The primrose courtly remembrance,

the lotus-rose of the morning star,

of celestial Jerusalem in peace and glory-

Hastings, London & Dublin, Scotland-

Neither under spellbound trance,

not divested, nor cast into shards,

pillaged then restored.

The peregrine dust of Mr. Dedalus,

who sacrificed booty for poetry,

whom the gods of muses praised worthy.

Beata America Virginia!

“Analytics of a Paralytic Crown: Alarums of Love”

Jeden Teil des Satzes, der sienen Sinn charakterisiert,

Nenne ich einen Ausdruck (ein Symbol).

Die operation kann verschwinden (z. B. die Verneinung

In “~~p”. ~~p= p).

- --L. Wittgenstein


Rev. Fr. K. Kowalski, Rev. Fr. G. Emeka, Rev. Msgr. P. Carney,

Rev’d Canon J. King, Dr. J, Flavin , Dr. M.Powers.,

Drs. F_B Bonaparte & J. Stern.

Dr. N. Birns [Da_ga_ta],

[Drs. R. & H. Sullivan, Don B. Latzer]

C.Weinstein.M.D. Dr. A. Schwartz, Lisa Walker, G.Borean,

Dr. Roger L. Deakins, Dr. John. Maynard

Christina—Aunty--Czechowicz, and Dr. Mary Gibson, Dr. Michele Lowrie

Benjamin X. Liu, and John T. Choi

Lucy and Tom Tucker

[Huh Sook, Steve & Bok Yun Kim, Julie, Sanghyub, Michele Lee, Grace, & Russell.]


Chrysanthemum wine

and pitted pomegranates on tables


in Caesar’s colonnade and garden

cracked vessels, water.

Mikhail’s spear.

severed wings

in the desert: Impenetrable

shelter of Octavian in blind

avenues without signs,

that only a perverse

generation wouldst seek.


Fig leaves built on stilts—the castle of heaven.

I am no castle lord,

But a diseased supplicant.

No, a penitent of sorts.

To whom I give alms---

Were you to sip loose tea leaves.

The cypress trees that cover and provide shade

from congenital heat.

A Serial-Sexual Homicide, dysthymic

Mental pulse.

The wheel comes full circle toward none.

Shall not enter my rest.

And for my crime.

Just gods have severed my limbs.

Hoc Enim Est—Meum Corpum.

Blood spatter, no DNA trace.

Ricard, a loathsome fool of murderous lusts,

Repeated the word of his father-“I-M-I”-


Does he now dare to forget

the curse of Adam’s dust.

Down trodden, sterile heath?

Felix Culpa.

Does heaven descend

now upon the earth,

the den of opium,

And monstrous visions,

recursive accidents.

Aggrieved and sorrowful;

Await the palm of a slain

and resurrected King for no day

too soon.

The sword of Maccabeus,

& Judith, shavo (a) d

of Davywid,

the holy death of Akiva

a throne unbeknownst

only to heart of the cosmopolitan masses,

but on the hillside in remote land—

of harvest of millet, barley and wheat,

the unveiled hilt of John Shellei-Hopkins [ John, ed. Note: please place a an accent on the “i” after the “e” ] pressed upon his synoptic purple ink,

spraying seed on peeled, parched papyrus sheets.


And the children weep embracing an olive branch;

They who remember with joy,

Sancta Papa Joannes Pablo II wearily made pilgrimage from Krakow

To the springs and viaduct of the blood of Rome

@ Central Park, 1995.

The coliseum---a spectacle---festal Broadway of

a forgotten age.

And the narrow the way to forestall the open pit of destruction.


The sacramental Oxford script of Nikolai Blake

transmitted in triadic vagaries of space in Village-Square:

in Spellman Hall at Rose Hill, and she said:

Da-mitzvah & the Police.

herein the Bronx,

El Senor Diego!

a fallen spirit cast out, like a link

on a chain, from thine eyes torn,

by hearing the holy Avery Cardinal Dulles in the soft whispers, like

tonal music, which comes across from Saxony to Anglia

[in note of Father Andrewes of the Resurrection of late Edwardian

Church of England, blessed Merton’s passing by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine]

“His Craft of Theology’-thereof the assurance of things hoped

for, in light room, and shaven, were with all akin to gentle manners,

Illuminating the dark glass of shadows.

Dr. Fr. Koterski, S.J., philosopher of the laurelled Fiorenza poet,

and Jaspers, unworthy am I to listen to their words

in a mind-locked vortex.

[Gazing at the lofty, terror, trembling of the cliff aside Mon Salvatt and

Mt. Sorak, a delirious fool in spirit may pray- had she met him and felt- untidy, foul, despicably grotesque, rat-faced want to be beggar, in need and want of poverty of spirit, always perspiring with too much talk in nakedness of conscience and Law, unbending the fastening of the frail incendiary body and flesh given.]

They were first evicted, and then convicted; and made a perfect act of contrition in jail.

Passing a false $10, 000 check to pay off their bills and debts.

Stricken by a whip and cane of discipline,


only a dry, hardly feverish kiss, enamored was he by a cheap peck.

None other than a true gift of peace of the Cross,

Of an unrequited dream world of observance.

Sr. Dorothy Stang, martyred in the rain forests of Brazil in shanty hovels,

who procured the rights of the poor, dismissing politics.

Places where it always rain, only if you

care to hold wide an umbrella, as many have,

were there enough hands

to scribble down on tattered pieces of rags and paper---

a forlorn paper cathedral, invisibly etched on her breasts,

the tattoos of the Immaculate Heart & MAGNIFICAT.

For her death was hardly the sum total of all.

In limestone pavements marked with an ancestral burial shroud.


Wonder if helena, mary, anne, jane, or tom, jack, frank, harold . . .

have surmounted or bi-passed the threshold of committal, though they never marry & whether they did wake up from eternal sleep?

As the Ole traditionalist Mob say: “Mess with wives, kitchen knives.”


Sun Michelle Hee Lee born in a grass-roof chapel by

the grotto of Kyeong-Jeu, the forbearing willow trees of Nanju,

where blood is shed to overthrow the reign of mourning.

Now let me ask you for whom does Poe’s” beloved Israfael,” the Great


Of Sorrow weep, for whose children of dome and provincial

Lands of the Dome of the Rock, The House of the LORD,

And the House of the Patriarchs of Israel.

No where, a newly built edifice and terrace-

starlight bathing the promontory shores of any where.

She claws, before she can walk or crawl,

At the jar of apple cereal, darling niece.


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