Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Case Study Observation of a Cluster Sample Diagnsotic Group of Borderline, Suffering, Hell, Aristotle, and Prayers for Our Betters.....


What is it to suffer the loss of suffering? This is the vision and the illusion of the MiserificVision, which C.S. Lewis terms Hell. It is what George Steiner said is the end of the metaphysics of presence in the DEATH OF TRAGEDY. It is wat is said of the "flat-base-line effect' of a symptom of a personality diagnosis of a Border Line Personality Disorder.
What is the cure. Why does anything cause any thing? This is why Hell can be be said only to be a divine system of its own Punishment without an effect other than rejection and negation of Divne Justice and Goodness. As to why AristolTe's PosteriORI-Analytics CAN BE INFERRED TO BE the philosophical psychology  of CogNitive Behavioral Dialectical Therapy and Psycyhology in its attempt to relieve such suffering. This what Holist Modern Psychiatrist, Pscychologist and Therapist say of  rest is medication, MEDITATION,  and Prayer.

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