Monday, April 4, 2011

Perhaps, theVery Final Reflections of Evening Sun: Would You die for the Semblance of Truth In Very Intimatei Closest Proximaity to She Or He Were the Most Powerful Spirit to Possess and Hold & Comfort You? What You Die for IT? Or is Merely the Primordial Hermeneutics of the Impossible of the Imponderable?


Order of the Null Set Over Infiniite Set Pass the Terrifying Void of Ultimate Truth.

"Time the Destroyer." T.S. Eliot.

"Eternal Now  (Present)-" Present-Paul Tillich.

"What, My Lord, is Time?" St. Augustine.

To paraphrase Ram Bam--"The Eternal Infinity of YHWH."

E. A. Lee-Unsaid Priest of the Order of St. Thomas the Apostle & St. Bartholomew, according to Lore and Legend, the Evangelists, and Missionaries to Mongolia, and China, 6-9, A.D????

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