Friday, September 3, 2010

Is there a Now a Wilderness for a Voice Which CRIES in the Desert for St. Simone Weil, St.T.S. ELiot, St.SIdney Morgenbesser and St. Seung Sahn

As Christ siad he will have Mercy to re-claim the righeusness of Sodom and Gomorah, as Marquis De Sade would have it at the "end-times." Jacque Ellul prophesized that Death of West and Europe game to its end after WWII. It's like Math, which there can be none after the most tramautizind death of Godel the Great. I will never ever take an appointment at Princeton, were I had prospects to be there because I still mourn the death of Godel. As for the Church of Rome whuich will not repent of its colonialissm, and post-colonialism, destruction of aboriginl cultures. The Magisterium crucified Pope John Paul the Great's MEA CULPA, FELIX CULPA of the history of history slavery, persecution of Oriental Churches, and anti-semitism, and colonialism, and laize faire capilitalism which is linked paganism. My RC ended with death of JP the Great and Mother Teresa, St. Faustina, Steven Cardinal Kim, Cardinal  KUNG. Though it may continue through DIVINE MERCY of GOD.

I deeply my mourn Co-Advisor Late John Dewey PROF. Sidney Morgenbesser who wrote the the most moving, and humble, and down to earth letter to me near his grave illness after his hospilization near close to his death.

I pray and hope Obama will implement a Simone Willian and Paul Tilliichian Judeo-Christian fiscal structural analtytic captitalism in mutual exhange with Chinese post Marxist-Foucauudlian-Habermasian-Dworkinian-Thomas Jefferson liberal democratic capitalism, which saving and regenerating the global economy of the Earth.

This blog article is dedicatated Mary Gibson, Adina Schwartz, and John Maynard and, Nicholas Birns & Armand Musey

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