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The Fundamental Aspect of Quantum Vajrahana/Zen trigonometric logic of 1=0. and the Paradoxical Proof that that 1=1

Unconventional Mathematics I

〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=1

〖cos〗^2 (180)+〖sin〗^2 (180)=1



1=1, This trigonometric equation checks out

〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=1

〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=sin⁡θ/sin⁡θ

Note: sin⁡θ/sin⁡θ = 1

〖cos〗^2 (180)+〖sin〗^2 (180)=sin⁡〖(180)〗/sin⁡〖(180)〗

〖(-1)〗^2+〖(0)〗^2=1, but this can also be written as:

〖(-1)〗^2+〖(0)〗^2=0/0, because sin (180) = 0.


According to the sine function graph, every 180 degree curve sine equals zero, thus creating an infinite number of solutions and proofs for the theory that zero divided by zero equals one. With this assumption a formula had to be within reach. This formula is:

〖cos〗^2 (180K)+〖sin〗^2 (180K)=(sin⁡(180K))/(sin⁡(180K))∎

Where K=1, 2, 3, 4…a_0n In essence all whole, real, and rational numbers check out


This equation is also proportional as can be seen:

(〖cos〗^2 (180K)+〖sin〗^2 (180K))/1∝(sin⁡(180K))/(sin⁡(180K))

〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=sin⁡θ/sin⁡θ Note:(≡〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=1)

sin⁡θ (〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ)=sin⁡θ

〖cos〗^2 θ sin⁡θ+〖sin〗^3 θ=sin⁡θ

〖cos〗^2 180 sin⁡180+〖sin〗^3 180= sin⁡180



0=0, as seen this equation checks out as well

〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ=sin⁡θ/sin⁡θ

sin⁡θ (〖cos〗^2 θ+〖sin〗^2 θ)=sin⁡θ

〖cos〗^2 θ sin⁡θ+〖sin〗^3 θ=sin⁡θ

With the constant (K) being multiplied by theta, the solution is not effected. As seen below:


〖cos〗^2 (180K)+〖sin〗^2 (180K)=(sin⁡(180K))/(sin⁡(180K))

(sin⁡〖180K)〗 (〖cos〗^2 180K+〖sin〗^2 180K)=sin⁡180K

(〖cos〗^2 180K)(sin⁡〖180K)〗+(〖sin〗^2 180K)(sin⁡〖180K)〗=sin⁡180K

(〖cos〗^2 180K)(sin⁡〖180K)〗+(〖sin〗^3 180K)=sin⁡180K

The Proof

〖cos〗^2 (180K)+〖sin〗^2 (180K)=sin⁡(180K)/sin⁡(180K)

Note: 〖cos〗^2 (180K)+〖sin〗^2 (180K)=1 and

sin⁡(180K)/sin⁡(180K) =1

∴1=1∎, this formula/equation proves to be significant

By Arsan Yakubov

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