Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final Addendum: Previous Cyber Czar Richard CLarke's TEXT's: CYBERWARFARE

Richard Clarke very interesting and provocative book estimates that cyberwarfare among  national sovereign states will be protracted for future times, with no indefinite time for an END. From that inference we are at great risk at geo-political US National Intelligence and Miltiary secrecy for the most vital guarded and national security data.

SCPC early entries on cybersecurity provide public information as to what can be informatively researched to patrotic Americanss who are gravely concerned with these issues of the most most importance to national and global security.

On this note, this our final entry and end of SCPC, and the EDITORIAL STAFF and the ADVISORY BOARD have decided that "Why say anything, when there is no crystal magic ball to predict the futue?"

"Curiosity killed the cat, and we don't have nine lives."

We would like to thank our loyal readers, and our Sponsors, but Richard Clarke states a precautionary warning about the impending crisis about what can happen if we are not vigilant about national security and privacy.

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