Friday, April 16, 2010

Shakespeare's Greatest Koan and Double Irony in HAMLET

"Be true to yourself"--Polonius.

Polonius was every bit the the most villanious surveillance master of Hamlet and Ophelia. His words narratologically sets of the Jacobean Revenger's Tragedy inspired by the Spanish Tragic tradition of blood vengeance.

Polonius who has committed treason against Old Hamlet, and seeks the death of Hamlet, which Hamlet intuits and reasons in his melancholia murders him behind a curtain for his conspiracy to usurp Hamlet's legimate throne, unlawfully seized by Claudius by murder and adultery.

Every one be true to yourself. For if you believe in Satan, HE IS THE FATHER OF LIES!

"For Vengeance is mine" and leave it up to wait we must AWAIT of PROVIDENCE, even at the great cost of suffering, which bear fruit in perserverance, patience, fortitude, and wisdom and ultimate, final justice.

The great Master see that blood thirst reveng destoys kingdom, and madness has possessed the world as in the supernatural demonological recusant Catholicism of the BARD'S MACBETH!


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